On Borrowed Time || Cast



Species: Alolan Vulpix
Gender: Female
Location Met: Beach Shore
Washed ashore with amnesia and the inability to speak, she was inexplicably separated from her aura. Upon receiving it she regained quite the mouth, responding to Malachi's antics with dryness. The only lead on her past seems to be linked to a Vulpix tribe trapped in the time-frozen Treeshroud Forest, as well as the mysterious Requiem...



Species: Shinx...?
Gender: Male
Location Met: Treasure Town
A bundle of nerves who really just wants a friend, Malachi is open and friendly to all who cross his path. He's so desperate for friendship that it appears he has taken a shine to a rock named Maelstrom.



Species: Relic Fragment
Gender: Female
Location Met: ???
A strange entity who appears to be a rock, Maelstrom selected Malachi as her "champion" and assigned him a grand destiny. What that destiny is has not been clearly defined, but she is proud of all of his accomplishments nonetheless. Has an appreciation for how the youth of today talk, and is surprisingly sassy.



Species: ???
Gender: Demigirl
Location Met: Dream Realm
Walking the line between sinister and friendly, she relegates her visitations to dreams in order to not frighten the "lost". Requiem appears to be Rune's only connection to the past, and returned her lost aura with some "repairs" made to it. The full extent of what this means is currently unknown. Enjoys a cup of black tea.

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