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By AgentNein:




By Arnisd:




By BigRedLittleWolf:




By Bluboltra:




By Cloudpool:




By Cyra-King/Shad:




By Dasunicorm:




By FlaviaElric:




By Gator the Greater:




By Huaqas:



By Jimcloud:

How OBT Was Rebooted, a short fan story




By Kiwiflame/Tehpikachu:




By Mopruk:




By Mottie:




By Nekomata-chan:




By Neksu:




By Oleander:




By Ouropal:




By Piyostoria:




By Ramendotexe:




By RymNotrim:




By Searingblight:




By Seyuu:




By SilverLunarwing:




By TeeterGlance:




By Tentacat:




By Tinycurlyfry:








By Umberoff:




By WhimsicalWolfa:




By Xael-The-Artist:




By zephyr_iphis:



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