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Title Screen

Welcome! This is the portal that leads to a world inhabited only by Pokémon. Beyond this gateway, many new adventures and fresh experiences await your arrival! Before you depart for adventure, there's a few things you need to know...


You seem to be... the relaxed type!

Chapter 1

Rain can cleanse. Rain can heal. It can also bring with it a new mysterious visitor nobody has ever seen in town before. Or anywhere, really.

Chapter 2

The birth of a new Exploration Team is near! Look out, because Team M- wait... What?

Chapter 3

Who needs to be a legally licensed Exploration Team when you can just go on adventures anyway?

Chapter 4

There's more than one way to be on guard. As battle training with Inigo begins, Rune finds that keeping gates locked keeps out more than just enemies.

Chapter 5

Our adventurers begin their first true job- but what should have been a simple spa episode has evolved into a perilous day at the water park.

Chapter 6

The expedition is coming quick, and Team Maelstrom is trying their best to keep up with the pace. But even within the prestigious guild lies a few bad apples... While on a mission to restore the guild's food supply, the team takes on a new mentor, and struggle with deciding who they're able to trust and who will spoil the batch.